Happy Holidays

I hope you will all have time to spend with your family and friends in the next few weeks. I will be in beautiful S. FLorida with mine! Thanks to all my friends and especially my fans for making this a fantastic music year! I am honored that you come to see me play and that you still tolerate my pounding emails. You would be sirprised by what a tiny bit of encourgement does for us indies! I am also sending you this holiday request. Please treat each other kindly. We are all one people on this planet and intolerence and belligerent denial seem to have crept into everyone's consciousness and actions in the last few years. I too struggle with acceptance of those people I don't know or understand, that seems natural but I try to have an openmind. One thing I have deducted in recent years too is...I don't have to like you but....I HAVE to love you! Peace on Earth Now and Forever! Love, Lauren
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