Hello Thursday!

Well, sorry I haven't been blogging lately. I've just been so busy! I had a lot of local shows last week and they were all really fun. I have to say though that the most fun was playing at the Braille Institute in L.A. on Monday! What a great crowd! they love to dance and song along, ask questions about the instrumentation, all the teachers come in and eat their lunch during the show. It's sooo fun! I'm looking forward to a little time off from live shows after this Saturday night at Cafe Muse, until October...maybe some writing in store? BTW - If you have never been to a House Concert...I highly recommend it! It's great for the fans, great for the artist and great for the universe! Here's a video for you to watch and see how it's done. I have one coming up in October in Newbury Park, CA and can't wait! it's always so intimate and fun! New friends, new fans, great food and 2 full sets of Lauren Adams! You, know I am going to be in Ft. Lauderdale, FL for most of December so...let's do it!!! Thanks for keeping indie music alive!!
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