Hey All Ya'll

Well...yes....another year has gone by! I won't tell you how old I am's old enough lemme tell you! I am so greateful for my life today and for the relationships I have. LIfe is good! It hasn't always been this way so I wanna make sure things stay this way.;) My Mom is here in L.A. with me for a caouple fo weeks and we have been having great fun hanging out. We went to the Bonnie Hunt Show taping yesterday (Mom likes to go to TV Show Tapings!) and it was really fun. I hope her show is a success. She is a very talented comedian and has all of the great improvising chops you need to be a host, plus a social conscience. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone! I will be playing a couple of shows in L.A> before heading out to Florida and then off to Colorado in Dec. Brrrr! Yeah! All the Best, Lauren
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