Kulak's Woodshed, New Songs etc.

Hello and happy Thirstyday. You know, I have been having such a great time lately here in So Cal. The weather has been cool with the sun emerging in the afternoon to warm it up just enough and I have had some time to work in the studio withe Nick and set up some live shows! I am plying at Kulak's WOodshed this Friday night with my wonderful artists in the Americana Musci Circle and trhen at a new venue for me- Joni's in Marina Del Rey next Friday the 1st of June. Hope to see ya'll at one of those Also want to mention Paul Marshall and I See Hawks In L.A. are playing at The Scene in Glendale Friday night. SO after he plays the circle with me I'm heading over there to catch their show at 11:30. Hey.....why don't we caravan, or hail a cab or...hmmmm...we could march over there!!!! So....I'm working on a new's Muscle Shoals Funky...can you dig it? I knew that you could!!! See you round campus buddy! LA
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