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**Lauren Adams Continues New Album Tour Deep into the “Secret Heart” of Texas FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 6, 2008 Los Angeles, CA: L.A.’s own, Lauren Adams, continues her new album tour across the U.S. deep into the “Secret Heart” of Texas. A vital part of the regional music scene, Adams independently released her latest CD, “Secret Heart” to Triple A, Roots and Americana radio formats, and is currently on tour. Following up her special appearance at The Mint, Lauren is set to perform select CA gigs before she heads south. Fittingly, Lauren’s family roots run through Texas and her affection for the Lone Star state peeks through on the “Same Moon” track from her new CD. Adams’ fusion of rock, folk, country and blues has been gaining critical acclaim across the country: KNBA (AK), KCSN (CA), WIKX (FL), KFAN (TX), KCAW (AK), KSYM (TX), Public Radio East (NC), and Radio Crystal Blue (internet show). Laurie Joulie of Take Country Back magazine writes, “Superb, intelligent, thought provoking songs. Real songs for real people . . . ‘Secret Heart’ not only begs to be heard, it deserves it!” The title track for “Secret Heart” also received Honorable Mention at the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. As host/producer of the long running Americana Music Circle (at Kulak’s Woodshed), Lauren has shared the stage with some of the greatest talent from every corner of the globe. In addition to this, Adams is passionately involved in raising money for local charitable organizations. She just played Grassroots Acoustica 10: Friends of the L.A. River benefit at Lulu’s Beehive in Sherman Oaks, CA, and also at Hallenbeck’s General Store, North Hollywood, CA, to benefit Hep C Aware (Hepatitis C awareness group). Lauren kicked off her tour in Anchorage, AK, and has been playing special shows throughout the Pacific Northwest. After her run through Texas, Adams will hit various venues across the U.S., including her native FL stomping grounds. Despite the challenges that indie artists have to endure while touring, Lauren loves to perform and gives her all to audiences. Her “Secret Heart” tour is one secret you’ll want to be in on. Upcoming 2008 Tour Dates: *June 25 (N/C) 4:30pm CST – TX Rebel Radio: KFAN 107.9FM (streams live on internet), Fredericksburg, TX *June 25 (N/C) 8pm CST – Threadgill’s – “Old No. 1” (6416 North Lamar), Austin, TX *June 26 (N/C) 2:30pm CST – Lone Star Radio: KHTZ-92.5FM/107.3FM (streams live on internet), Caldwell/Houston, TX *June 26 (N/C) 7pm CST – Waldo’s Coffee House, 1030 Heights Blvd., Houston, TX *June 27 (N/C) 3pm CST – San Antonio College Alternative Radio: KSYM-90.1FM, San Antonio, TX *June 27 (N/C) 6pm CST – Cafe Mundi, 1704 E. 5th St., Austin, TX *June 28 (N/C) TBA – KEOS 89.1FM, College Station, TX *June 28 ($12) 8pm CST – The Bugle Boy, 1051 N. Jefferson St., La Grange, TX CONTACT INFORMATION For reviews, more tour dates and music clips, log onto: OR MEDIA / PRESS RELATIONS: Liz Winchester Red Haired Girl Publicity 484-221-1026 (Phone) (Email) RADIO PROMOTION: Joe Estrada Upstart Entertainment 562-437-7858 (Phone) (Email) OTHER LINKS: Americana Music Association -, Americana Music Circle at Kulak’s Woodshed (North Hollywood, CA) -, The Bugle Boy (La Grange, TX) –, Cafe Mundi –, Friends of the Los Angeles River -, Grassroots Acoustica -, Hep C Aware -, International Songwriting Competition -, Jones Street Concerts (Ukiah, CA) –, Kulak's Woodshed (North Hollywood, CA) -, KEOS (College Station, TX) –, KSYM (San Antonio, TX) –, Lone Star Radio: KHTZ (Caldwell/Houston, TX) –, Lulu's Beehive (Studio City, CA) -, The Mint (Los Angeles, CA) –, Music United '08 -, Roots Music Association -, TX Rebel Radio: KFAN (Fredericksburg, TX) –, Threadgill’s –, Triple A Radio -, Waldo’s Coffee House – ---------------------------------------- Red Haired Girl Publicity sent this email to Questions? Contact or Red Haired Girl Publicity, PO Box 939, Cherryville, Pennsylvania 18035, United States
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