Myspace Is Dying!, Yes, I use Myspace. Well, sort of. I have been a member since March 3rd 2005 but that was when FANS came around to hear your music and pass your stuff on to other fans who might enjoy it too. No more...all I ever get is "Hey You. Add my band. We're playing a show in Dry Itch, AZ on Feb 3 2012. People are not playing my songs...maybe 20 or so a day from 100 + a day, it's just about amassing a ton of "friends" to impress....someone...I don't know who. I guess some of these bands actually think they may get a deal or something.....dunno......not fun anymore.....don't care. Most musicians I know have facebook oages and are able to control who becomes a "friend" and not just a mass mailing bot! I don't want to be negative but I guess this may be just that. Negative-Myspace....backwards....bizzaro world. Hey...maybe there will be a NEW social networking site soon and we can start all over. Look...if Tom Delaty can go on Dancing WIth the Stars...anything can happen!!! Talk soon. Lauren
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