Rainy Days......

.....Rain all day..... Hello everyone. I am at home in L.A. during a huge Pacific Rain Storm. What fun! It doesn't rain here in the"deserty" terrain of Los Angeles so when it does it is most welcome. A little thunder and lightening helps to set the mood. Yep, the mood to write songs! I am in writing mode today and hope to come up with some good stuff for ya'll. I am also hoping that the people here in the burn areas are faring well and that the mudslides are not harming them. Not touring much lately but still have my gigs in L.A. and love playing with my band here at home. I hope your new year has started off well. Please remember to help the people of Haiti if you can. They are in horrible distress and need help. We are not on this earth to judge, to isolate or to blame anyone for such a horrible disaster. Please look into your heart and donate through the Red Cross or another reputable agency. With your help and resources, the people of Haiti can be saved to rebuild their lives and homes. I hope to see you at a show or on the web next month at Kulak's! We are going to have a regular FOLKFEST on teh 26th! All the Best, Lauren
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