Say hello to Henry!

Hey everyone. I have a couple of announcements today! First of all I want to let you all know that I am working out of my new studio right now! I'm so excited about it! Things are still developing and I am getting settled in but so far, so good. I am of course, still recording voiceover demos and coaching actors to help them be great voiceover artists! I am also looking forward to peace, solitude and to making the perfect environment to create music. I will also be starting a new Youtube series soon with acoustic performances by yours truly and whoever drops by! And then, I wanted to share Henry with y'all! I have just put up a single here entitled "Henry (From Saginaw, MI)" It's a song about Henry who on Christmas morning receives his very first guitar and then....the rest of his life ensues! I hope you enjoy it. We have been playing this song live for a few years now. Originally, this song was released only to our friends from the original Indiegogo Campaign at Christmas but now, I think we should share it with you! This song features the amazing and talented people I get to work with (Lucky!) all the time and of course my friend and producer Nick Kirgo is at the helm. Acoustic Guitar/Vocal-Lauren Electric Guitar - Nick Kirgo Bass- Mark Pocket Goldberg Drums-Debra Dobkin Background Vocals-Gary Stockdale I hope to see you soon at a show or maybe in line at the grocery store. Wherever we'll be a good day! Be Strong, Be Brave! Lauren
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