...the rain is coming down! Los Angeles and San Bernadino Counties are really under the weather !! Snow at 3000 feet and floods down in the basin. Still the Gods aligned and we had a totally dry ride to Hermosa Beachand back last night! It was really fun and it was really wonderful to hear Jodi Seigel and Alfred Johnson jam together and trade songs. There are a lot more storms coming and it is going to get dangerous up at the snow levels because the next storm on the 24th is going to have a lot of warm air. For the week of the 24th, we will be hit with a powerful and WARM series of storms, as strong as any we've seen. This heavy warm rainfall will fall onto the newly laid snowpack and what will be totally saturated ground, especially in the burn areas of LA and will produce tremendous melting and runoff, and the potential for record flooding. Due to the low altitude of the jet stream, 200+ mph winds will slam directly into the Sierras, producing tornado strength winds over a 200 mile wide front. DON'T head to Mammoth for skiing when you hear about the huge snow fall in the first week. A friend of Scott's is a Navy weather forecaster and he told Scott that the military is moving assets east out of the way ahead of this storm. Planes and helicopters are migrating out of the coastal bases and into the interior bases of Arizona and Nevada. They're taking this very seriously. This may sound alarmist, but websites I check related to weather modeling are using the word "Biblical" for this system. If you can work from home or commute by train, please plan on doing so. The LA freeway system is going to be a mess for the next week or two. Take care out there people!!!! Love, Lauren
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