Thank you to my beautiful fans!

I just wanted to thank you all for listening to my new song and for all the great, positive feed back! here are some of my favorite quotes: “LA LOVED YOUR SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOPE YOU SELL A ZILLION.” Best, MB “Lauren, I fuckin love it. Love the words, your voice. I hope that it's a huge hit my love.” Francene “Beautiful!!! Thanks for sending it!” Jon “Congrats!!!! It's great! I downloaded!” xoxo,Louisette “secret heart is just so, so good, Lauren... great lyric, and you know how I love those pipes of yours... raja” “Tina and I loved it. She thought it sounded a little like Amy Mann. I thought it had just a pinch of a Beatles-esque quality. You sound great!!” Kevin “Great song! Can't wait for the CD and "Peaceful Warrior" to come out.” Steve “Wow, sounds good! I love the changes in the b part. Very pretty vocal.” Eleanor Lauren!!! “LOVE it!!!! It sounds soooooo great!!! I am gonna listen again and again!” Love, Jenn “Your songwriting just keeps getting better and better... Well done.” Jason
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