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Hye everyone....Thanks for everything! Here's a way to pre-order the latest CD! As many of you know, the last year has been spent working on my latest recording project with my new producer – Nick Kirgo. Nick’s vision and insight into my music – as well as his passionate artistry on the guitar – has made this recent collection of songs everything I have ever dreamed of. The result – the Muse has been awakened and my writing continues to explode onto the page as we continue to gather resources to professionally mix, master, duplicate, and properly promote before setting an official release date. I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for your generosity, support, patience, and dream weaving with me. Whether you have known me my whole life, or recently met me, you are receiving this letter because you understand my passion about my music and have in some way expressed support for that passion. I am hopeful that you will continue to support me and my music in the coming year by attending gigs, purchasing my CDs, buying my music online, spreading the word to friends who may live in cities where I am playing, schedule a house concert for me to play at your residence or event, and generally continue to help promote my passion. In order to make this project the best it can be, I am exploring other ways to produce a CD that has been proven successful for other independent artists. Several different levels of sponsorship and options for contributing are shown below. Whether or not you choose to sponsor or contribute, please know I am sincerely moved by the outpouring of love and support I receive from you, my family, fans, friends, and followers. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have had the courage to step off the edge this past year and dive into this music mission of mine. I am excited at the prospect of taking the next steps and look forward to continuing this journey with you. Thank you all so very much, Lauren ORDER FORM: Yes, I would like to participate in your new CD Project: ___ I will pre-order a CD. Your signed copy of the CD will be shipped directly to you as soon as it is printed. $20 includes autograph, shipping, handling and gratitude. ____I will make a financial contribution of: ____$50 – You will receive an autographed copy of the CD and a shirt. ____$75 – You will receive an autographed copy of the CD, a sticker, a shirt and “Sponsor” credit on the CD. ____$100 and above – You will receive an autographed copy of the CD, a shirt, sticker, “Sponsor” credit on the CD, and access to exclusive pre-release digital download for the CD. (Please mail checks payable to: Lauren Adams @ P.O. Box 29850, Los Angeles, CA 90029 or through my PayPal account: Lauren Adams VoiceLA Workshops ( ____I will serve as a host for a House Concert. What is a house concert? This is when a professional musician comes into someone's home and provides an evening of entertainment to those invited. Chairs are set up for seating, or some hosts have other accommodations. Sometimes a "house concert" is held in a local senior center or cafe that can accommodate about 50 to 75 people. Artist will perform for a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of three hours. Artist will bring CDs and merchandise to sell and some to raffle off or give away as door prizes. (For more information, see:; Is there an admission charge? How are the performers paid? Usually a "donation" is charged at the door. The money collected goes to the performer with a percentage going to the host, depending on arrangements made ahead of time. The performers like the setting since the audience is attentive and appreciative of the intimacy of the performance. ____I have resources to offer in the way of studio time, publishing, promotion via print, radio or TV. Please contact me for further discussion. Name:________________________________________________________________________ Address:______________________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _____________ Phone: __________________________________ Fax: __________________________________ Email:________________________________________________________________________
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