What's New???

Hello fabulous Fans!

I'm checking in to say hello and to let you know that I'm up the new music department!

The amazing Nick Kirgo and I have been working hard on making this music special and exciting. The tracks are sounding great and We have had a massive amount of help from some amazing musicians. Pocket Goldberg, Debra Dobkin, Dave Fraser, Hank VanSickle and Luke Halpin as well as Nick have contributed bravely to our sonic world! Most of the vocals are finished but, I eep writing new songs! So, I am trying to out the brakes on but....that doesn't always work. LOL

Nick and I will be previewing some of these ew songs at The Muse on 8th on April 24th if you would like to hear them. This is a free venue (Tip Jar Prominently Displayed) with great vegetarian food and coffee and tea. We hope you'll come out!

Also look for a featured interview/podcast on "Art of the Song" from The Standing O Project -

Thats it for now - for those of you who contributed to the Indiegogo Campaign - Thanks for your patience! Well get it done!

Take Good Care until we meet again!


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