Art Of The Song and FAI 2017

Hello evrahbuddy! I hope you are well and happy!! I am.  I just returned from the Folk Alliance International Conference 2017. This year was so great. The conference was well organized and energized. I played a couple of showcases rooms but I decided to go a little late and missed getting more but I must say....I got people in from the hallways to come on in the room and that's a plus for me! The programs and panels were pretty, pretty amazing. The opening ceremonies and awards were stellar and the exhibition hall was really cool. I was able to hang out with the mighty, might Bill Wence from Bill Wence Promotions and John Dillion, Vivian Nesbitt and Katie Mitchell from The Standing O Project both of whom I work with . I also got to know Dalis Allen from the Kerrville Folk Festival on many rides to our hotel room floor and at the exhibition table, picked up some new strings from DS Strings (amazing) and got some new nickle wound strings from D'Addario to try out (hoping for that old school sound again!) as well as a new soundhole tuner. I had a nice chat wilth the Gig Salad people who were a big sponsor of the conference abiout their services and heard AMAZING LIVE MUSIC DAY AND NIGHT!!!! Whew. I am exhausted again. Fritz and I had a blast and got to eat lots of BBQ in Kansas City. When in Rome...Yum.

i am making plans to head to Far-West in October but first a trip to Oklahoma to Woody Fest in July! SO much to much music!!

My Friends at The Standing O Project is airing my interview again if you missed it the first time

Art of the Song show next week February 27-March 5 will be re-airing my interview. Fans can listen either on this page or by signing up as a fan or signing up for a free 10-day no credit card required trial. Fans can also listen to the show on one of the Art of the Song stations, or on the Art of the Song website March 6 - 12.

Talk to y'all soon...oh and BTW - I learned from John McDermott - "Y'all means ALL!!"


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