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Lauren Adams is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, whose music is an impressive blend of alt. country, folk and rock. Somewhere Else is her new album, just released this week, and demonstrates her pure voice and keen ability to craft meaningful, structured songs that leave an indelible mark.  One of the many absorbing tracks on the album is 'Bayview Drive' which floats beautifully.  The closing track 'Seminole Wind' is an alt. country epic.  A long, driving, fuzz-laden plea that (and I don't say this lightly) harks back to classic Neil Young/Crazy Horse material.  The song was written by John Anderson in the 1980’s and deals with the loss of habitat of Seminole tribes in Florida. It is worth the admission price alone.   Adams has a reputation for giving her heart and soul to her music and Somewhere Else has many moments of joy and triumph. The album was co-produced with guitar veteran Nick Kirgo.  At the heart of it is Adams, (guitar, vocal),Mark Pocket Goldberg (bass), Debra Dobkins (drums) and Kirgo (vocals, guitar) and also includes players that constantly elevate the material  - Hank VanSickle (John Mayall), David Sutton (Lucinda Williams), Luke Halpin, Dave Fraser and Dave Byer (Christopher Cross). Adams began her musical career on the famed Troubadour stage in West Hollywood, CA in 1978 and founded and curated the ten year-long music series, “The Americana Music Circle” in Los Angeles. “My knack is writing from the heart, melody, hooks and good guitar playing,” said Adams, “The next song is usually quite different from the last song you heard.” Copy that!  Somewhere Else is highly recommended. Music Mainline -” - Rob Dickens

No Depression

Artist: Lauren AdamsTitle: Somewhere Else (Lauren Adams)You might like if you enjoy: Mary Chapin, Carpenter, Carol Martini, Alice WallaceTell me more: "On her latest album Somewhere Else, Los Angeles singer-songwriter Lauren Adams mixes the sounds of modern-day Americana, '70s soft rock, blues and authentic roots music in the service of original material. Adams has a straightforward style of songwriting that benefits from her nice soprano voice as well as a number of guest players and a solid line-up of players who bring richness to the wide range of material. One of Adams' greatest strengths comes in that each song is its own little slice of life, with a sparse ballad ("Heavy, Heavy Heart"), intimate folk rocker ("Miss You") or playful country rocker "We Try Harder" each taking the listener to a very different place. The album closes with a powerful reworking of John Anderson's "Seminole Wind," a powerful roots rocker that is bolstered by vocal harmonies, Nick Kirgo's electric guitar work and a strong Native American-minded environmental message delivered by Adams with emotional force. Information: Robert Kinsler” - Robert Kinsler

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