New Happenings!

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Just checking in to say hello and let you know what's going on.

I am producing a great project in the studio with Folk Master - Matt Doherty. We are keeping it real and raw. The sounds are really coming together and we are having a blast!

If you checked my calendar you saw that I am heading to Copenhagen in September. I will actually be there in August through early Sept. and beforehand I will be traveling with my "manpanion" from the Middle East trough the Czech Republic, Germany and Holland on our way to Copenhagen. A trip of a lifetime!

Before all of that happens though, we have a bunch of shows in Southern California including my house concert series "The Saturday Evening Social Club" with plenty of amazing artists and The Lauren Adams Trio. This season we have booked - Ali Handal and her Magician Husband Andrew Goldenhersh, from Nashville - Amelia White with an American Music Circle in the middle featuring - Grant Langston, Merrily Webber and Ben Carr, Debbie Hennessey opens for Queen Cake - Debra Dobkin, Teresa James and Billy Watts
 and this year's song-o-rama - Amy Engelhardt, Gary Stockdale and Cynthia Carle.  Whoo. This is going to be a greta season!

June 10th we will be a Coddy Nuckols "Live from the A Frame House Concert, June 17th Kulak's Woodshed with Michaut/Perkins. can see all of those in the calendar and on FB in Events.

Hope you;re well and happy and....see you at show soon!



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